Lucia Dlugoszewski: timbre piano
22 April 2022
peculiar notation

extended piano techniques
01 June 2021
Perspectives on selected piano works 1981–2018. Abstract of my dissertation

Rued Langgaard: Earwig
24 June 2020
Langgaard uses different kinds of extended piano techniques as early as 1917

Leo Ornstein: (Micro-)Clusters
01 June 2020
Chords at the edge of chaos

Karlheinz Essl: Bows
14 May 2020
Karlheinz Essl combines two different kinds of bows in Sequitur XIII

C. Curtis-Smith: Bows
07 May 2020
At the beginning of the 1970s Curtis-Smith invented his bowing technique, which he used in a very elaborate way

Olga Neuwirth: Silikonbällchen
30 April 2020
A special preparation object which is used by the composer in several works - from solo piece to music theatre.

Arnold Schönberg's Piano "Flageolet"
22 April 2020
In 1909, Schoenberg symbolized distant sound of the sea by using a “flageolet – silently depressing the keys.”

extended piano – Blog
16 April 2020
Mission Statement