Lucia Dlugoszewski: timbre piano

Lucia Dlugoszewski (1925-2000) is a relevant, though still little researched composer of the extended piano. In her training and development as a composer, which she pursued alongside numerous other interests, she received the important impulse from Edgard Varèse to focus on sound itself. She wanted to create sounds detached from intellectual superimpositions and to stimulate listening. A significant part of her compositions were created in collaboration with Erik Hawkins' Dance Company. She invented a number of percussion instruments and the so-called timbre piano, which is not a separate instrument, but a piano with fixed and mobile preparations, inside piano techniques, resonances and pedal techniques. 

This music example shows an excerpt from Music for left ear in a small room No. 3 (1960). At the top of the page there is an explanation of the notation for the mobile preparations, "Piano Keyboard" contains the (partially prepared) notes to be struck on the keyboard, "Piano Percussion in Strings" the inside piano techniques. From time indications in seconds and slow tempo the tendency to singularization of sounds become clear. However, the exact meaning of the notation in the lines "Timbre", "Rhythm" and "Dynamic" could not be resolved until now.


Listen to Lucia Dlugoszewski playing timbre piano (Exacerbated Subtlety Concert)